Answered on: January 31, 2023


I would like to hire a car at Thessaloniki Airport. I am planning on crossing the border into North Macedonia and was wondering if this is allowed and is the green card insurance included in the price.


To view the CROSS BORDER or FERRY terms and conditions. At STEP2 of our 3 step online booking process, alongside the car photo of your choice, there is a link entitled “IMPORTANT INFORMATION”. Clicking on this link will open an additional smaller window, with the terms and conditions appertaining to that particular car/supplier. Choose then the CAR tab and look under TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS

. Try a few different suppliers as each supplier/vehicle type may have a different cross border rule.


A few rental car companies like Greenmotion, Enterprise and Centauro ALLOW cross border. For example Greenmotion says that the Green Card has an extra cost of 120,00€ + VAT. You must inform them directly a week before arrival.